All works gouache & watercolor on paper 7.5" x 11"


made in February 2018

<– Ambitious Architecture

Butt Braid

Can't Even Get My Mood Board Right

Creating My Own Tropes

If It Comes To That I'll Do Us Both

Empty Set

End Hits

Fluorescent Pewter

Forces Wiping You Out

It Will Hit With Many Pressing Tendrils

Brian Eno's New Album Music For Middle Schoolers

Oh Hey What's Up Steve

One Is Two

God You're Just Like So Binary

That One Weird Time When I Had Steve's Baby

Subscribe To What You Hate

The Crusher

The Microchip In My Brain Made Me Do It

Throat Virus I Got From Steve Probably

Turn The Corner

The Crusher, Beverly

The End Bye

The End Bye: End Hits

All images copyright Ryan Thayer Davis 2021