A large sun approaches a giant floating intergalactic ice cream sandwhich as it spills blood and steals the approaching star's energy.


72" x 120", oil on canvas, 2010

An egg shaped lake in the alps is surrounded by ever shifting mists.

Alpine Lake

29" x 21", oil on mdf, 2011

A diamond sructure creates ever new triangular elements, but is supported by a flat 2D plane which is itself set against a patter background.

Generative Structure

22" x 30", graphite & pastel on paper, 2010

This drawing features a central pyramid surrounded by concentric rings of color marks permeated by a cross hatched field.

Have I Awoken In A Dream?

22" x 30", graphite & marker on paper, 2010

A diamond stair-stacked pattern emerges from the top left corner of this image with a black field of pen marks forms the background.

Universe Bullshit

22" x 30", graphite, pastel, & marker, 2010

Life propogates on the rare land of a cold planet with liquid methane oceans full of violent storms and red lightning.

Liquid Methane Planet Good Luck

22" x 30", watercolor, pen, pastel & graphite on paper, 2011–2012

Floating land is roped in by red energy lines featuring floating thermal springs.

Thermal Spring Slab Claw Son

22" x 30", graphite & pastel on paper, 2011–2012

A floating stair step pattern at the center of this drawing is drawn down by purple energy lines amidst overlapping geometric shapes.

Decorating The Walls Of My Prison

22" x 30", pen, graphite, marker, & pastel on paper, 2010

This drawing features an environment of intermeshed pattern forms that interact in such a way to make a strange and alien garden.

Hyperactive Wave Propagation

22" x 30", pastel, pen, paint marker, watercolor, & spray paint on paper, 2007

This oil painting depicts a multilayered environment of contrasting texture and pattern making a floating natural world.


48" x 72", oil on canvas, 2008

This mult-run color lithograph depicts a dense alpine scene of outlandish colored terrain suffused with energy and vibration.

To Find Out If The Mind Has A Border

22"  30", color lithography on paper

A panoramic scene is painted from memory in this image based on a pleasant perch on the banks of Waller Creek on the campus of UT Austin.

The Creek

42" x 108", oil on canvas, 2006